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Sous Vide Bacon- BLT's
LSF Member
From St. Paul, Hackensack-Longville-Leech
Posts: 725
Been a while but been tinkering with a new kitchen device that is definitely worth the $. I got it on Black Friday Amazon for a killer deal %50, but since I have seen it on fluctuating sales and close to that price.

Nova sous vide is brand I got

Have seen a few recipes on here or ways to do sous vide but this immersion style is literally set it and forget it. As weird as the concept is, I have now done several things that you honestly cant beat with any other cooking method I have seen.

Done steaks, brats, pork chops, chicken, Egg bites, creme brule, key lime cheese cakes, and now bacon

Local meat market has Bacon cut thick like a slab so I decided to do BLT's. After researching everyone suggested mandatory 24 hour minimum and most even said the more the better up to 7-8 days which seemed a little overkill.

Started with the bacon Monday night planning to assemble Thursday but plans stalled that and it turned to 5 day bacon in the sous vide set at 145. Weird right? After putting in put with immersion sous vide I only had to add water a couple times through out week so aside from that no work. Friday I took the bacon out and opened the package. All the fat had rendered out and the meat cooked in the fat the whole time, bacon confit almost? It did become very brittle as it wanted to break apart since a lot of the fat that is usually there was now gone. Still could transfer it to cast iron skillet for a very quick sizzle just to add a crisp which also firmed it back up to one solid piece.

It was kinda comparable to pork belly for consistency but still it's own thing. Pic doesn't really show much of the bacon but at the end of the day, ya'll know what bacon looks like- Delicious.

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Posted on: 4/4 20:39:27
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Re: Sous Vide Bacon- BLT's
LSF Member
From andover
Posts: 4787
Nice work Buzz!! I've seen some meals prepared from that unit and know that resturants use them a lot as well. good luck.

Posted on: 4/5 8:36:28

Die young as old as possible.
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Re: Sous Vide Bacon- BLT's
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3591
Looks great Buzz! Sous Vide circulators are great gadgets. Make soft or hard boiled eggs perfect every time. Add your herbs, garlic, marinade to your steak, vacuum seal and set at 130 and let them go for a couple hours and give a 15 second high heat sear on both sides and you've got medium rare all the way through and as tender as any cut of meat you've had. The biggest things to remember for most is to be sure you're not holding foods in the temperature danger zone for too long. You don't want that steak in at 130 overnight as it is very likely you'll have some stomach issues after dinner. When used properly they are great items!

Posted on: 4/5 9:04:09
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