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Saturday Chuck Roast
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3685
I put a couple of chuck roasts on the Weber Saturday afternoon. Both around 3 pounds, injected with beef stock and rubbed with coarse kosher salt, coarse black pepper and a light sprinkle of all purpose rub. I used chunk pecan and a small amount of mesquite chips using the snake method. 250 degrees for 6.5 hours until I reached my stall, double wrapped in foil and back on for 2.5 more hours until 205 internal temp. I let them rest in a cooler for 2 hours and sliced them up. A good warm up for next weekends brisket! (pics were from the next morning after cooled and sliced, Saturday turned into a late night!)

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Posted on: 4/8 9:07:15
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Re: Saturday Chuck Roast
Staff Team
Posts: 4405
Looks very tasty and great picture, I am building up for my first brisket on the Traeger but doing my homework...........Kirk

Posted on: 4/8 12:21:28
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Re: Saturday Chuck Roast
LSF Member
From Fargo
Posts: 846
Looks awesome!

Posted on: 4/9 8:05:50
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