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Cabin Trip
Field Staff
From South Minneapolis
Posts: 1987
Was lucky enough to get off work and load up the family for 8 days up at the cabin over memorial day weekend and the following week.

With the long cool spring the water was still pretty cold and the first few days the bite was tougher. Walleyes weren't too hard to come by, but keeper size was. Lots of small males were active. 2nd half of the week once the sun came out the fish really turned on and moved up shallow. Tons of bass, sunnies, and some good keeper eyes (eyes were in 18 fow at sunset).

My son turned 2 in early may so this was the first time he got to actually "fish" in the boat. Last summer he was in the boat but obviously not coordinated enough. We have been practicing a while at just holding a pole and reeling in. He still needs me to keep a hand on the pole and sometimes guide his reeling action as he gets stuck but he had a blast reeling in real fish. His 2nd fish ever (bobber fishing with a jig and night crawler chunk for sunnies) was a giant 19" LM bass. He was a little scared of it when I got it in the boat haha. But after a couple seconds he was touching it and even tried to kiss it before we put her back. Luckily my wife was in the boat and video taped him reeling it in. When I watch the video I get so happy some weird watery fluid builds up in my eyes.

Anyway back on track. Walleyes were caught on jig and leech 18-20 fow. A couple were caught off the dock in 12-14 fow with a jig and white twister tail but my wife caught those so I'm calling them flukes

The bass were all over 14" with the largest being the 19" my son caught. They were mixed in with the sunnies in shallow water around a beaver house or mouth of a creek so a lot were caught on jig and night crawler. Others were caught on beetle spins and even a spoon cast up shallow. Sunnies were about every 5th one a keeper. Those 8"ers fried up made for some nice fish tacos!

And finally I did get out in the woods with my kid one afternoon for 2 hours to try and find some mushrooms. We found 1 morel... Yes only 1. I searched that spot for 30 mins thinking there has to be more but I swear there wasn't. Oh well have a spot to go back to next year and start from there!

All in all it was an awesome trip. I'll try to get a couple pictures up soon.

Posted on: 2019/6/4 8:41
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Re: Cabin Trip
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3862
That's awesome you got that first catch on video! Number one of many more to come in the future. Sounds like an excellent get away.

Posted on: 2019/6/4 12:18
If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score? Vince Lombardi
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Re: Cabin Trip
LSF Member
Posts: 158
Thanks for the report! Sounds like a great time was had by all!

I've got a camper just west of Emily. I need to find the walleyes up there some day.

Posted on: 2019/6/7 20:22
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