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Boat rewiring and Components
LSF Member
From SW Metro
Posts: 703
Is Marine Grade Wire & Components required or a waste of money?

I am rewiring my boat switching to a 24 Volt Trolling motor from a 36.
I have found numerous articles of which some suggest using Marine Grade (Tinned Copper) Wire and Components.

Where do you find these components?
Connectors to connect 8ga (Battery) to 8ga (Trolling Motor) & 10ga (Charger 3-Bank)

I found some from a company "Connectease" out of Eden Prairie with premade connector assemblies and quick connectors to easily disconnect and remove a battery.

IMO a bit higher priced, but then simplifies the whole process and my work/time required with connectors with the correct size wires.

Attach file:

png  24V_TmotorConn.png (126.93 KB)
6430_5d727ce831d27.png 319X443 px

Posted on: 2019/9/6 10:36
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Re: Boat rewiring and Components
LSF Member
Posts: 3262
Not "necessary", but certainly the tinned wires cut down on corrosion and the wire swelling that is accompanied by it.

You could buy the components and make those harnesses yourself, but in the end you would probably pay more for them that way once your figure in your time and mistakes.

Posted on: 2019/9/6 11:11
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