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Lake Bemidji (No photos, you're warned!)
LSF Member
Posts: 830
I was up there in one of Matt's (Northcountry) spots recently. It was a little tough when we arrived immediately after a front that brought some hard wind with it, but things picked up for the next 2 days and the fish were just where he said they'd be.

We were nailing the perch pretty good most of the trip. I also caught a nice, fat 17" walleye as well on a chartreuse glow hook. I lost 2-3 other fish on the rattle reels including one that took about 10-12' of line in under 3 seconds. As soon as I set the hook, my line snapped. Doh! Ah, the one that got away - Wouldn't be a fishing trip without one of those!

I'd also like to thank Matt and his boy Schmitty for their hard labor this weekend. I'll definitely be taking 4-wheel drive next time. Anyone know how to diagnose a broken 4x4 on a '95 chevy tahoe? Please PM me! :)

Northcountry offered us top notch accommodations all around... This was the most "Move-in" ready sleeper I've stayed in by far. Fans, tackle, rods/reels, matches for the stove, cookware, etc. If I looked hard enough, it was in there, hah!

Sorry I don't have pictures for y'all, but we were having quite the power hour on the rattle reels... Then when I got to filleting fish their looks just didn't do them justice.


Posted on: 2010/2/26 17:54
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Re: Lake Bemidji (No photos, you're warned!)
LSF Member
From Bemidji, MN
Posts: 3945
Hey, Dan, it was great meeting you and Andy! Thanks for coming up! I can't believe you guys didn't get pictures of the 'pout you guys caught..... ;)

Posted on: 2010/2/27 7:36
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