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Minnesota Fishing Reports

Panfish Report (From 11/29)
LSF Member
From Maple Plain, MN
Posts: 775
Went up to the in-laws for Thanksgiving and my brother was in the area. Met up to hit a small lake filled with big pannies.

We fished over 24 ft of water and caught sunnies/crappies all morning. They were hitting horizontal jigs more often with a pink color. single wax worm did the trick. Bluegill were 1-2 feet off the bottom and crappies were 3-6 feet off the bottom all day.

Ice was 10-12 inches everywhere. So crazy for Late Nov.

Kept one limit of smaller 9-10 inch crappies for a fish fry. Returned everything over 10.5 inches. Only kept 3 sunnies that didn't want to swim back down.

Caught a few bluegill that came really close to 10 inches. You will see my wife with a 9.75 inch gill, my bro with a 9.25, and we caught 10-15 other 9+ inchers. It was a great day!

Attach file:

jpg  Mandy with 9.75.jpg (852.47 KB)
16414_547f5cd2ede62.jpg 2688X1520 px

jpg  John with tanker.jpg (1,001.42 KB)
16414_547f5ceb28392.jpg 2688X1520 px

jpg  Fish fry on ice.jpg (1,102.19 KB)
16414_547f5d17d0d35.jpg 2688X1520 px

Posted on: 2014/12/3 13:58
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Re: Panfish Report (From 11/29)
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3862
Great report and nice fish to go with it. You're right about how unreal it seems to have this much ice so early in the year. Extensions by early February at this rate.

Posted on: 2014/12/3 14:44
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