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Island Lake
LSF Member
From andover
Posts: 4892
Drove up to a lake that I have fished since the 60's. Island Lake. It is a bucket list deal I wanted to do. No boat, just off shore. Now If I went in May or June I would have got some walleyes but I knew this time of the year the smallmouth would be a good bet. So I took my wife and grandson with me and we had some fun. We fished the boat landing on the east side past the Sportsman's Club. Caught some bass with a nice one my grandson got. All fish were released. good luck.

Attach file:

jpg  20431675_1576997739018174_973393325639508061_n.jpg (85.97 KB)
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jpg  20526293_1576987609019187_6479780192850227938_n.jpg (79.62 KB)
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Posted on: 2017/8/2 17:28

Die young as old as possible.
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Re: Island Lake
LSF Member
From vadnais heights
Posts: 147
I love those reservoirs up there. I grew up fishing them and used to catfish the island lake dam. Awesome fish

Posted on: 2017/8/2 20:15
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Re: Island Lake
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3831
That's what it's all about Reinhard!

Posted on: 2017/8/2 21:30
If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score? Vince Lombardi
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