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River Eyes
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3522
I've been fishing the river in the Monticello area and had an officer stop by and we got to chatting and he pointed me in the direction of an off the grid location to do some shore fishing so I set out the last couple of days on some short trips to give things a go.

I arrived Tuesday around 5pm and walked in with a single crankbait as I was intending on going for a hike but I figured while I'm at it I might as well bring the rod with. I was fishing a perch pattern flat rap and got a 16" eye on my third cast, followed by another the same size and a tiny smallie. Just before 6pm I tagged into something and I'm assuming I foul hooked a very quality fish as it was running up current ripping drag, which I had set tight, like you wouldn't believe. This fish came off and in the process tore the lip off of my crankbait so I had to call that a short day and head back home.

I went out again yesterday and the water is still quite high from the rain we've had lately and as of yesterday it was very stained. I fished for 3 hours yesterday casting cranks again and managed another 16" walleye, lost one of similar size, a little smallie and actually caught a 3# channel cat who smoked my flat rap right next to shore. It's been fun exploring the area and I'm looking forward to the water levels going down a bit and visibility clearing up as I think this should get things going in the right direction. I brought one home for supper last night for some serve and turf and life was good.

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Posted on: 2017/8/24 13:00
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Re: River Eyes
Staff Team
From Mayer , MN
Posts: 4665
Some nice shore fishing action!

Posted on: 2017/8/25 9:50
LSF Staff
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