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One last trip...need help!!!
LSF Member
From Coon Rapids, MN
Posts: 114
Looking to get on the ice one last time this weekend, this will make it my 2nd time ever fishing LOTW. Anyone able to throw me some pointers for this time of year up there? Is it a good bet to fish somewhere outside the Rainy right now for bigger fish? Not sure how deep that would be or if possible.
Just looking to make the most out of our time up there, appreciate any feedback or PM's! Cant wait

Posted on: 2018/4/3 18:40
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Re: One last trip...need help!!!
LSF Member
Posts: 149
It always seems strange to me when people are fishing the river in there boats , and some people are out on the ice also fishing . From what I know of up there right now , fish are definitely being caught by both approaches. As for your want to target bigger fish , that's a hard call , as the possibility of doing such is very good at either location . The river does offer the easier ability to cover more water to search out active fish though . On the ice the depth of the bite is a little more scattered from 20 - 26 ft or so at the moment . Now that this bite has gotten somewhat shallower than not to long ago , it does bring you to areas of the lake where the ice is very , very thick yet , from the early ice pile ups that occurred when the lake set up with ice . I just spoke to a friend that stated that not to long ago , they needed to stand on the tailgate of there pickup truck , use two auger extensions to drill through six ft of ice , wowza !! They did have a decent bite though . . . Either scenario seems to be workin now . It's gonna be a late ice out , that's looking to be more , and more for sure with every day that passes.... Get um !

Posted on: 2018/4/3 20:16
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Re: One last trip...need help!!!
LSF Member
From Baxter, MN
Posts: 2060
be sure to call ahead as far as ice travel if you're not bringing a atv or sled

Posted on: 2018/4/4 9:13
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