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Minnesota Fishing Reports

Opener reports anyone?
LSF Member
From Saint Cloud
Posts: 806
My opener was slow to say the least. I put in at about 6 in the morning off Hwy 22 access and had to park down the road a bit. I decided to fish Cedar Island and only found small walleyes. Plenty of good sized northern. Fished main lake without much success, it was the current areas down the river where my luck was a little better. I would have tried Horseshoe but so many boats around the bridge it was like navigating the mall on Christmas Eve. It was my first trip out with the boat and everything worked so that was good along with the weather.

Posted on: 2018/5/17 10:03
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Re: Opener reports anyone?
LSF Member
From 320
Posts: 55
Was on rice Saturday 130am for about 7 hours and only managed 2 dinky eyes. No problem locating them though. Sunday afternoon tried horseshoe and the 22 bridge only to get skunked. All the guys I talked to out there had similar stories

Posted on: 2018/5/19 11:57
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