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Minnesota Fishing Reports

3/16-17 Report
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3619
I took a trip out this weekend with a good friend on Friday looking for some crappies. I arrived an hour or so ahead of time and hunkered in on a spot I have had success on in open water, early spring. He arrived with his daughter and setup his portable up directly in front of me. We started to catch some fish around 8:30 that night. I managed 3 that would have been bucket worthy had I wanted to bring fish home and a couple smalls with a bonus walleye that chased me up 4 feet off the bottom. It took some cat and mouse but eventually he couldn't resist. My friend in front of me ended up with 8 before we called it a night on account of child boredom.

Saturday I got to the lake at 7:00 and setup a mere 5 feet south of where I had been the previous night and what a difference it made. I had another friend who wanted to swing out and he texted me at 8:45 to see how the bite was. I had 4 crappies, only 1 in the bucket at that time and told him it's up to you. He decided to make the trek out. It's a 20 minute trip for him to get to the lake and the first 10 minutes, nothing, next 10 minutes I had my limit and was on to catching and releasing for fun. The fish were absolutely fired up and I ended up running out of bait twice and had to keep borrowing from my buddy. I was catching fish both jigging and on the deadstick with moments where it was not possible to keep 2 lines down. He was catching all fish on the deadstick but nothing on the jig. I was fishing a 1/16 ounce white frostee spoon and told him to throw something white on. He made the switch and immediately started plucking fish out. I left the lake just after 11:00 and headed home, he decided to stay. He sent me a text at 1:30 in the morning and was still catching fish hand over fist. The access was very beat up so my assumption is by this weekend getting a vehicle out could be an issue. We plan on one last run up to Rush next weekend if things become inaccessible in the area. Tough to put the short sticks down but a guy can't complain after a night like that.

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Posted on: 2018/3/19 8:17
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Re: 3/16-17 Report
LSF Member
From moorhead mn
Posts: 683

Posted on: 2018/3/19 12:21
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