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Posted by LSF on Oct 09, 2009 (1160 reads) News by the same author

Lindy Fish Handling Glove Stands Up To Saltwater Giant

PUNTA GORDA, FL.—Lindy’s near-bulletproof Fish Handling Glove stood the test of saltwater monsters topping 500 pounds Oct. 7-10 at the Southeast Press Association’s (SEOPA) annual conference.

Lindy friend and saltwater ace Mark Davis, host of TV’s “Big Water Adventures,” put on a clinic at the event. Along with Bomber Saltwater Captains Ryan Rowan and Chris O’Neill, Davis caught and released 28 Goliath grouper with a combined weight of more than 6,500 pounds on one productive trip in just four hours of fishing. All were handled and released with the Lindy Fish Handling Glove.

Lindy Fish Handling Glove
Giant of the grouper family, the Goliath (formerly called Jewfish) can reach weights of 800 pounds. Commonly found nearshore in deep holes, on ledges and around docks, it relies on sharp teeth and powerful jaws to feed on fish and crustaceans. The Goliath is an imposing test of angler and tackle by any measure, and the fact the Lindy Fish Handling Glove stood up to nearly 30 of these leviathans is a testament to its durability and armor-like protection.

Originally developed to reduce the risk of accidents involving hypodermic needles, the glove’s patented SuperFabric wards off sharp gill plates, teeth and prickly fins. And although it works wonders on saltwater species, it has countless applications in sweetwater as well. Whether you’re filleting crappies, removing walleyes from the livewell or palming channel catfish, protect yourself with the Fish Handling Glove.

The Fish Handling glove comes in left- and right-hand models in two sizes. All are currently on sale for 37 percent off regular pricing at

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