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Minnesota Fishing Reports
News : Explore Minnesota Fishing Report
Posted by LSF on Apr 22, 2010 (1673 reads) News by the same author

Northeast Minnesota

International Falls
Rainy River fishing has been excellent. The sturgeon have been fairly active, with some very large fish recently reported. The sturgeon season is catch-and-release only until April 24, and then one can be kept with a proper tag. To obtain information on which areas are giving up sturgeon and other species of fish, dial 1-800-325-5766, or visit

Fishing fever is in the air for anglers fishing Lakes Kabetogama and Namakan. Water temperatures are already in the 50's in some of the shallow bays! The crappie action, however, has been somewhat quiet on Kabetogama and Namakan. Water levels are slowly rising, but additional rainfall is needed. The 62nd Annual Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener, held opening weekend, May 14-16 on Lake Kabetogama, is quickly approaching. This event includes various community activities, a picnic, raffles, and a silent auction. For more information on Lakes Kabetogama and Namakan, dial 1-800-524-9085, or check out

Cook/Tower - Lake Vermilion
The crappie bite is going well on Lake Vermilion. Strong winds made for some tough fishing, but the fish continued to bite! Black Bay, the Wakemup Narrows, Muskego, Wolf, and certain parts of the Oak Narrows should all be good for some nice slabs. Chippy charlie's, flu-flu's, gnats, and small colored hooks with a bead have been good presentations. For the most fish, stay mobile, keep quiet, and head to the northern shores where the sun is the most effective at warming the waters. You may also want to check the areas with wood along the shoreline. Walleye are in full spawn mode, and spawning should be complete soon. Muskies are starting to cruise the shallows in twos and threes looking for the best areas to spawn. To find out more, dial 1-800-648-5897, or visit

To learn where and when the fish are biting, dial 1-800-777-7281, or visit

Northwest Minnesota

Baudette/Lake of the Woods & the Rainy River
Spring has arrived and the sturgeon are active on the Rainy River. Catch-and-release sturgeon fishing has been very good, with both high numbers and large fish being pulled from the water. And, the incredible weather has made the fishing action all the more enjoyable! Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River offer wonderful fishing services that accommodate people of all ages and abilities. To learn more, dial 1-800-382-FISH, or visit

Walker/Leech Lake
Leech Lake has the fitting reputation to be one of Minnesota's top walleye lakes. This reputation has been earned by producing limits of fish throughout the fishing season. Leech Lake offers very diverse underwater structure and habitat, and anglers can expect to find walleye in many different areas including the shallow rock reefs, windblown shorelines, massive weed beds, deep breaklines and deep humps. The most successful anglers are those that are willing to try different locations and presentations. Leech Lake's walleye population is extremely healthy, and the average size is getting larger as well. Anglers are reporting more fish in the four to six pound range than ever before. For an exciting fishing opener, check out beautiful Leech Lake. For more information, dial 1-800-833-1118, or visit

Park Rapids
Fishing throughout the area is getting better with each passing day. The ice was off the lakes nearly a month earlier than in “typical” years, and many anglers are heading out and taking advantage of this excellent early spring action. At present, anglers are concentrating on bluegills and crappies. Bass, northern pike, muskie and walleye remain off limits until their respective openers. Prime locations include the small, auxiliary bays and arms. If you locate a tiny, out-of-the-way bay or cove, you'll likely run into lots of fish. For the most panfish, use a tiny jig tipped with a minnow or waxworm under a float. Try an ice-fishing size jig, such as the northland tackle hexi fly, to get the more finicky fish to bite. Concentrate on casting the float and jig close to cover such as pencil reeds, cane, emerging lily pads and brush, and be ready to reel in! For further information, dial 1-800-247-0054, or check out

Central Region

Pine River Area Lakes
Crappies and sunnies have been active in the backwater bays of various lakes in the area. Good reports are coming from anglers fishing Whitefish, Woman, Pine Mountain, and many of the smaller area lakes. Most of the fish are being taken during afternoon and early evening hours when the water has had a chance to warm. Anglers using ultra-light gear with small 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with a small crappie minnow or waxworm are doing very well. During the colder periods of the day, some anglers are having success using a simple crappie hook, small sinker and bobber rig. White, yellow and pink colors have been best for the crappies, while blue has been good for sunfish. Expect great panfish action to continue in most area lakes through early May when the panfish will start to head out to deeper water. To learn more, dial 1-800-728-6926, or check out

Willmar Area Lakes
The warm spring temperatures have resulted in relatively warm water temperatures, causing a surge in panfish action on nearly every area lake. If fishing from boat, check out Norway, Nest, Diamond and Green lakes. Anglers preferring to fish from shore, should head to Florida and West Norway lakes. Both are producing some very nice fish. To learn more, dial 1-800-845-8747, or visit

Isle/Onamia/Lake Mille Lacs
Lake Mille Lacs is producing lots of nice-sized perch! Anglers continue to head out onto the lake in pursuit of panfish and some great fishing action. Resort owners and guides are busy preparing for the much-anticipated May 15th fishing opener. Calendars are starting to fill - make your reservations soon! For more information, dial 1-888-350-2692, or check out

Twin Cities Greater Metropolitan vicinity

Northeast Metro/Chisago Lakes Area
Fishing has been great on many area lakes. Lots of crappies and sunnies are being taken from shore at Paradise Park on Chisago Lake, and at the park below the Dinner Bell on South Lindstrom Lake. The best approach has been a waxworm, minnow or panfish leech worked in 10 feet of water or less, especially during afternoon hours when the water has had a chance to warm. To find out more, dial 651/257-1177, or visit

White Bear Lake
White Bear and Bald Eagle lakes are producing lots of crappies and sunnies. For the most fish, hit 8-12 feet of water using leeches, minnows or waxworms. Some fish are being taken during morning hours, however the best fishing has been between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. when the water is warmest. Local anglers predict a great fishing opener, with the female walleye in post spawn mode and very hungry. To learn more, dial 651/653-5122, or check out

Southern Minnesota

Lake City
The conditions on Pool 4 on the Mississippi River have changed rapidly this past week, with water temperatures rising into the low 50's - temperatures which are more typical of mid-May than late April. The walleyes and saugers are becoming more active in the upper reaches of Lake Pepin and this general section of the river. The fish are somewhat spread out and you will need to check several different areas to put numbers in the boat. This will change in the near future as fish begin to school up and become increasingly hungry. Bass, pike, cats and panfish have also been active, with fish taken from both the lake and many backwater areas in the lower parts of the pool. Conditions are shaping up to be another excellent fishing season on the Mississippi River. To find more, dial 1-877-525-3248, or check out

As of April 16, stream conditions were excellent for the stream trout opener! The streams were very clear and low for mid-April, and Dark Hendricksons appeared to be at the end of their hatch. Several different caddis species have been reported recently. There are record numbers of brown trout measuring 1 foot on all of the streams assessed so far this spring. Several fish have measured nearly 20 inches! Anglers should expect some of the best trout angling in years! To learn more, dial 1-800-944-2670, or visit

Albert Lea
Fountain Lake is producing lots of nice catfish on the north side of Edgewater Bay - for the most fish, use night crawlers. Crappies are hitting fathead minnows at the channel near the cemetery. Bluegills are abundant at the shoreline along Highway 13. For more information, dial 1-800-345-8414, or check out

Conditions on Big Stone Lake will be great for the upcoming opener! Surface water temperatures remain roughly 57-degrees, therefore the below surface water temperature should average approximately 50-degrees. The result is a completed spawn and some very hungry and active walleyes! Water levels are near normal, and floating debris is minimal or non-existent. The water is "stained," which will allow anglers to work the shallows without "spooking" the fish, and fishing will not be restricted to low light hours and cloudy days. The area is buzzing with all of the preparations for the upcoming fishing opener, April 24, on Big Stone Lake! To find out more, dial 1-800-568-5722, or visit

Report courtesy of Explore Minnesota Tourism

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