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Articles : Line Recommendations From A Fishing Guide by Jason Boser
Posted by LSF on Apr 23, 2010 (1388 reads) News by the same author

Itís that time of the year again, time to go through your rods, reels, and tackle. Every year they have something new on the market. A hot new lure, a rod that is lighter and more sensitive, and a new stronger/tougher kind of line.

Letís take some time and talk about line. I get questions each year about what line people in my boat should be using, when they go back home to fish with their own rigs.

Here I will tell you what I use and why:

Lets start with jigging. For myself and my clients I use Trilene XL 6lb. I know some people like 8 lb., but I believe the 6 lb. is a nice small diameter and very subtle for most of my jigging. It gives the jig a ďreal lifeĒ look as it bounces along in the water, and lets the jig do its ďthingĒ. The strength of 6 lb. is great, I canít remember the last time I lost a fish due to breakage from it. Day in and day out, I say, stick with 6 lb. Trilene XL for jigging.

For rigging I still use the 6 lb. Trilene XL. I like the stretch it has when you are rigging, especially deeper fish. It gives a little forgiveness if you donít feel the bite right away. The only thing different is that for my leader I use a 6 lb. fluorocarbon called Vanish. The reason I use Vanish as a leader is just what the label says, it vanishes. It is pretty much invisible in the water and gives you that little advantage.

My next presentation is spinners. We seem to be using them more and more to catch walleyes. I like to go up to 8lb. Trilene when using spinners, whether itís XL or XT it doesnít seem to matter much. The heavier line is a bit more forgiving for the twisting that you get when you run the spinners, it also is stronger when you pull through the weeds and have your sinker rubbing against your line.

Now for my last presentation, trolling cranks. I prefer the Fire Line. Fire Line is not a braid or a mono, it is a thermal filament fishing line made from micro dyneema, the worlds strongest fiber. What you get is a lot of strength in a smaller diameter line. I use 10 lb. test and it has the diameter of around 4 lb mono. With the small diameter my cranks run a lot smoother. I also like the strength of the line, it does not get bit off by Northern pike as easily.

So, there you have it, why I use the line that I do and when I use it; jigging, rigging, spinners, and trolling cranks. Remember to change your line at the beginning of the season, and depending on how much you fish during the year you may be changing it several times.

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