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Posted by LSF on Oct 24, 2010 (1740 reads) News by the same author

Big Lake, MN – A dance partner who’s light on their feet makes doin’ the boogie or foxtrot infinitely more enjoyable. Particularly when compared to a hefty clunker who’s constantly stepping on your toes. On frozen lakes, fishermen find themselves hand-in-hand with a dance partner of another kind—their classically trained StrikeMaster power ice auger. It’s an energetic yet agile ice dancer that does “the twist” with inexhaustible enthusiasm and style.

Thanks to a sporty new upper body—light, quiet, powerful, clean-running Solo® motor and all new Super High Impact Composite Handles—the new StrikeMaster augers just got even better. To drill more holes faster and with greater ease, trimming every ounce counts. Toning and slimming down, however, improve performance only if strength and durability are augmented at the same time.

Last year, StrikeMaster's line of power ice augers were already the lightest, fastest, cleanest-running machines on the ice. However, for the engineers of the 60-plus year old company this wasn’t good enough. Sure, they had achieved near perfection with German Solo® powerheads, which hum along like miniature Porsches on ice. But knowing the level of punishment dished out by anglers the likes of professional guide and “Ice-Troller” Tony Roach and ice fishing pioneer Dave Genz, machines were bolstered with even greater strength and durability—all without adding body weight.

The new Super High Impact Composite Handle system now buttress all StrikeMaster power augers, from the lean, mean Strike-Lite II 4-stroke to the speed-demon Lazer Pro. Grip, grind, and grab your fishing rod—the whole process feels incredibly natural. Slim and ergonomic are fine and dandy, but in harsh ice fishing conditions, durability and impact resistance are required.

About StrikeMaster
The year was 1946. The boys were home from war and our nation needed a breather. The woods and waters provided the perfect escape. A number of manufacturers sprang up to satisfy this desire to be outdoors. StrikeMaster was one of the first. And some 60 years later, StrikeMaster continues to outfit ice anglers with innovative, high performance ice fishing tools.

For more information and a 2010-11 catalog, contact StrikeMaster Corp., 17217 198th Avenue, Big Lake, MN 55309. Phone is (763)263-8999. Or email us at Website is

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