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Articles : New Lazer Synthetic Ultralite Auger
Posted by LSF on Nov 28, 2011 (2356 reads) News by the same author

Hand drill a hole in the ice and you are the motor, totally in control of the speed and power. To be an effective hand driller means having the best hand auger designed to make the most of every ounce of energy you exert. The Lazer Synthetic Ultralite from StrikeMaster does just that and is a hand driller’s dream come true.

Strikemaster Hand AugerHand drillers are a unique brand of ice angler who demands an ice auger that is lightweight, durable and fast. It doesn’t matter if you are an Olympic athlete or a professional couch potato the new Lazer Synthetic Ultralite is going to maximize every pound of torque exerted. The lightest hand augers on the market anywhere, both the four-inch and six-inch model are a full pound lighter than the competition. Drill 50 holes with either the standard or offset handle and you just saved 50 pounds of torque on your body.

How did StrikeMaster knock a pound off while at the same time upping the ante on durability? The answer comes from five years of research, development and testing with a synthetic material that defines the advantage. “Creating a synthetic auger of the highest quality and the lightest ever wasn’t easy—it took four prototypes to get it up to our highest of standards,” said Randy Havel, co-owner of StrikeMaster.

Both the auger and blade carriage are made of a Dupont manufactured co-polymer that is the same material used in the door seal gasket of the Space Shuttle.

Glock also uses it for the frame of their handguns. Hand drillers are tough, but StrikeMaster has yet to find one who can dish out more than the compressed combustion of a handgun or stress of lift-off and re-entry. “This hand auger was put through the ringer and surpassed our highest expectations—it’s everything we wanted it to be,” Havel said. The co-polymer retains perfect flexibility to 20 degrees below zero and performs excellently at temperatures much colder.

Strikemaster Hand AugerHand augers are tremendously portable but when something falls on them the steel can bend and debilitate its performance. The Lazer Synthetic Ultralite withstood all the torture StrikeMaster gave it. It won’t rust, bend or chip paint no matter how hard you try.

As for ice sticking to the auger, just give the auger a flex and the ice pops right off. The Lazer Synthetic Ultralite is produced in the United States close to StrikeMaster headquarters in Big Lake, Minnesota. The lightweight blade carriage is a product of Sweden where the precision-engineered blades by Mora® are made.


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