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News : NEW Aqua-Vu Pairs Performance with Value
Posted by LSF on Jan 18, 2014 (11814 reads) News by the same author

Crystal clear 715c Underwater Viewing System features colorful video at all-time low price

Crosslake, Minn. (January 4, 2014) – Not many years ago, owning a high-definition LCD TV nearly required a second mortgage—or a winning Lotto number. But even though they came with astronomical price tags, the colorful images displayed on these dazzling wide screens carried an undeniable “wow” factor.

aquavu 715c

Fast forward to the here and now, and find the homes of most folks furnished with at least one, if not two or more of these vivid viewscreens. Thank rapidly advancing technology for plummeting prices, which now make HD within reach for everyone.

Traversing a parallel, albeit aquatic path, Aqua-Vu® recently engineered the on-the-water equivalent of modern-day LCD TV. The new 715c Underwater Camera gives anglers and boaters all the color and flat-screen performance they demand, and at the lowest retail price . . . ever.

Manufacturer of the world’s first and finest underwater cameras, Aqua-Vu recently re-energized the category it created in 1997, offering enhancements such as IP67-rated waterproof monitors and color CMOS camera optics. “IP67” isn’t just another techno-term, but rather a military standard that measures relative protection against dirt, dust and water. IP67 indicates the maximum levels of protection in all categories (go ahead and Google it.) Accordingly, these new underwater viewscreens even operate, well, underwater—although we don’t recommend it.

“I’ve been a major fan of Aqua-Vu underwater cameras since their original systems, which were both expensive and bulky,” says Michigan bass pro Joe Balog. “Their newest technology, though, is simply amazing. The 715c is a super well-designed camera that’s compact, easy to use and it’s really affordable.”

More proof of performance at a petite price: The 715c features adjustable underwater LED lighting, Smart PowerTM Management System for maximum battery life, and an anti-spooking stealth fish camera endowed with micro CMOS optics. Built around a 7-inch color LCD, this economical Aqua-Vu incorporates a smartly designed adjustable screen protector that doubles as a sunshield. Fifty feet of rugged camera cable wraps neatly around an integrated housing. Packed up, the entire system slips into its Custom Storage Bag, which fits smartly into boat storage, or a 5-gallon bucket.

Additional benefits include an intuitive menu-driven operating system, plus an RCA video-out for recording or playing video on an auxiliary TV. Powered by a rechargeable 12-volt battery and battery charger, the Aqua-Vu 715c is performance packed and priced for easy purchase (MSRP $299.99).

“A lot of folks in my boat who haven’t operated a camera in a few years are pleasantly surprised by how much easier they are to use than previous models,” reports Balog. “That’s what technology is all about, whether it’s HDTVs or underwater cameras. Things just get better—more user-friendly and affordable—all the time. And that’s also what you’d expect from a category leader, whether it’s or Samsung®, Sony® or Aqua-Vu.”

aquavu 715c

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