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Featured Products : Refilling 1 lb. Propane Bottle Tanks
Posted by Mike Potter on Dec 03, 2014 (53246 reads) News by the same author

I started refilling my 1 lb propane tanks this year. Bought the Mr. Heater One Pound Propane Tank Refill Adapter off of Amazon and I couldn't be happier. I like the portability of the Big Buddy, so lugging around a big propane tank was out of the question. And paying $3.50-4.00 for pounders was getting ridiculous. I paid about $15 with free 2 day shipping with Amazon prime for the refill coupler.

Mr. Heater is the manufacturer of this adapter, so I was confident in making the purchase. I like to read reviews, and the vast majority of the reviews on Amazon for this product were positive. Simply screw the coupler onto a 20 lb propane tank, attach 1 lb. propane bottle, place large tank upside down, slowly open valve on large tank to release propane into the smaller tank. After 30-60 seconds, close valve on large tank and place upright, remove 1 lb. bottle. For best results, ensure the large tank is at room temperature and the small tank is cold by placing in a freezer for 1 hour.

You can weigh your tanks with a basic digital kitchen/food scale.

Type #1 with plastic base (Coleman Type)
Average empty weight : 384g
This mean a 100% full tank will weight 849g (384g tare weight + 465g of propane)

Type #2 with metal base
Average empty weight : 417g
This mean a 100% full tank will weight 882g (417g tare weight + 465g of propane)

HTML tutorial Mr. Heater F276172 Propane One Pound Tank Refill Adapter

mr heater propane adapter

[UPDATE 12.19.2014]: Once $15, Amazon has lowered the price to $12.99 since I first posted the review. Get the deal while you still can. Mr. Heater Refill Couper only $12.99

[UPDATE 12.8.2014]: New product on market with built in safety valve to prevent overfilling. Shnozzle Propane Refill Adapter

I was also worried about leaking seals and ruined threads in the propane bottles, so I researched Mac Coupler Caps. Instead of keeping track of the plastic caps that pop onto the propane bottles, the Mac Caps screw on. Well made of brass and give me piece of mind knowing that the threads will be protected and I'll have no propane leakage.

HTML tutorial Mac Coupler Propane Bottle Cap (Free Shipping)

mac cap propane bottle cap

Disclaimer : Whenever there is propane there is risk. If you decide to refill your propane tanks yourself, you have to understand that you do it at your own risk. These cylinders aren't DOT approved for refilling. This means that you can't take your cylinders to the local propane-equipped service station and have them refilled. That's against the law. And refilled cylinders can't be sold commercially. And commercial operators can't transport refilled cylinders across state lines. There are all sorts of limitations and potential liabilities associated with refilling these cylinders. It's perfectly legal to refill them for personal use, however.

There is some safety precautions that you have to take when refilling your disposable propane cylinders and you will need to handle it properly and observe all the best-practice safety protocols.

#1 Always do the refill process outside.

#2 Never smoke during the entire process.

#3 Be sure there is no open flame in the area.

#4 Wear safety glasses and protection gloves for added safety.

Again, we're not responsible for any accident that can happen when you refill your own disposable propane tank.

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