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Minnesota Fishing Reports

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May 05, 2016Hot Prices on Meat!!7875
Nov 18, 2014DNR Opens Mille Lacs to Darkhouse Spearing16829
Nov 17, 2014End of Season by Haley Rustad11164
Nov 13, 2014Techno Tip-Ups by Bob Bohland10937
Nov 10, 2014Feel the Jig by Dave Genz10357
Sep 01, 2014Critical Concepts for Boat Control by Ted Takasaki13609
Aug 07, 20143 Offbeat Ways For Summer Walleyes15759
Jan 04, 2014Catch More Crowded Crappies by Daniel Quade15988
Dec 16, 2013First-Freeze Walleyes by Daniel Quade6234
Oct 21, 2013Match The Migration For More Walleyes by Nathan Shore3887
Oct 16, 2013Flip and Pitch for Fall Walleyes by Nathan Shore4058
Aug 05, 2013Tweaking Big Lake Tactics for Teensier Water ‘Eyes by Mitch Eeagan4859
Aug 04, 2013Casting Call by Daniel Quade4144
Aug 03, 2013The Chairman Of The Boards by Ted Takasaki900
Jul 25, 2013No-Fail Early Season Walleye Locations by Daniel Quade 887
Jun 28, 2013Slip Bobbering Weed Walleyes by Nathan Shore5199
Jun 27, 2013Step through the Looking Glass by Aqua-Vu1214
Jun 26, 2013Lindner “Goes Green” On Summer Walleyes by Jack Busby2183
Jun 15, 2013Cool Tactics for Hot Panfish by Ted Takasaki1306
Jun 04, 2013Snap Jigging Early Summer Walleyes by Nathan Shore1863
May 07, 2013Minnesota ‘Eyes in Shallow Water by Nathan Shore485
Apr 28, 2013Beat The Crowds For Pressured Ice-Out Crappies by Daniel Quade1618
Apr 04, 2013Getting Creative for Early Spring Crappies by Tom Neustrom4783
Mar 19, 20132013 Mille Lacs Slot Changes Announced3076
Feb 15, 2013Takasaki’s Secrets For Locating Big Ice Panfish2967
Feb 15, 2013Fish With War-Like Strategy This Winter by Jim Edlund2497
Feb 14, 2013Straightlining and the Bro Pause by Ted Pilgrim910
Feb 10, 2013Winter’s Last Silver Flash by Mitch Eeagan1813
Feb 07, 2013Multi-Purpose and Timeless Tip-Up1440
Dec 20, 2012Pounding vs. Scrounging by Steven Johnson2526
Nov 29, 2012Gettin’ the Speed Right by Dave Genz1121
Nov 28, 2012First Ice is Nice by Ted Takasaki503
Nov 13, 2012Good Morning; Good Night by Tom Neustrom1603
Nov 07, 2012Maximize Your Panfish Bite by Nathan Shore1917
Nov 03, 2012Last Open Water Walleyes by Daniel Quade1286
Sep 12, 2012Field Hunting Mallards by Jason Mitchell643
Aug 27, 2012Fishing is not the Whole Focus by Josh Lantz968
Jul 30, 2012The Upside of Hunting Down Birds by Ron Anlauf1426
Jul 27, 2012Bass Lure a Walleye Lure? by Ted Takasaki1987
Jul 12, 2012Another Gross Fishing Violation2479
Jul 10, 2012Gills Galore by Ted Takasaki1849
Jul 02, 2012Super Summer ‘Eyes by Ron Anlauf852
Jun 14, 2012Bass Tactics For Hot-Weather Walleyes874
Jun 04, 2012TIP Call Leads to Big Fishing Violation Bust3609
May 22, 2012Roy Lake – Fishing Heaven in South Dakota by Ted Takasaki2410
Mar 17, 2012Warm up with Hot Spring Panfish by Ted Takasaki2357
Jan 26, 2012Riled-up Water and Shallow Bluegills by Dave Genz1113
Jan 12, 2012Icy Ways For Northern Pike2286
Dec 01, 2011(Keeping Your Bait) Out of the Mouths of Babes by Dave Genz3312
Nov 28, 2011New Lazer Synthetic Ultralite Auger2333
Nov 05, 2011Be Loud, Be Heard on the Ice by Ted Takasaki1331
Oct 16, 2011The Straight Scoop on the NW Angle by Ron Anlauf2396
Oct 09, 2011The Deadliest Lure by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson1749
Sep 19, 2011Goofy is Good with Brad & Bob1664
Sep 15, 2011Fine Tuning Decoys Spreads for More Geese by Jason Mitchell1236
Jul 27, 2011Spinning Weeds by Mark Hicks2295
May 20, 2011Destination - Minnesota's Lake Vermilion1246
May 05, 2011The Art Of The Lindy Rig1012
May 01, 2011Jigs & Cranks for Prairie Lakes Walleyes996
Apr 07, 2011Jigging Spring Walleyes by Mark Hicks1201
Mar 26, 2011Fishing Outside the Hole by Keith Jackson1297
Feb 11, 2011Late Ice Perch by Mark Hicks1538
Jan 22, 2011Details Rule the Day (Part 1: Walleyes) by Dave Genz1218
Dec 08, 2010Plan for Ice Fishing Success by Mark Strand1426
Oct 26, 2010Lindy Rigs for Late Fall1894
Aug 06, 2010The Eyes Have It by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson2159
Jun 01, 2010Reefin’ Summer Smallies by Ted Takasaki & Scott Richardson1655
Apr 23, 2010Line Recommendations From A Fishing Guide by Jason Boser1344
Feb 23, 2010Big-River Bounty by Dan Johnson1492
Jan 08, 2010WHY ‘Poofing’ Bottom Works by Dave Genz1432
Dec 22, 2009Hardbaits Pound Mille Lacs Jumbos by Dan Johnson1863
Dec 15, 2009Finding Big-Water Walleyes Now by Dan Johnson1499
Dec 10, 2009The Hunt For Gill Adventure by Dan Johnson with Dave Genz1174
Featured Products
Jan 02, 2015Northland Whistler Spoon16700
Aug 31, 2014Lindy Lil’ Guy6784
Dec 02, 2013Beavertail Big Gunner Blind16033
Oct 31, 2013Aqua-Vu Micro 532301
Oct 16, 2013Strikemaster Honda™ 35cc Lite33193
Oct 16, 2013Otter Pro XT1200 Thermal Shelter13854
Aug 05, 2013Lindy Lil’ Guy2805
Apr 03, 2013Humminbird 1198c SI Combo3110
Apr 01, 2013Folbe Advantage Rod Holder3291
Mar 26, 2013Thill Wobble Bobbers2905
Jan 29, 2013Humminbird Ice 597ci HD 6591
Jan 01, 2013Frabill Calibrator Tip Up3798
Dec 20, 2012Navionics Marine & Lakes: US & Canada45877
Dec 19, 2012Pro XT900 Xtreme Thermal Package3325
Dec 15, 2012Onyx ArcticShield Cold Weather Extreme Series2579
Nov 28, 2012Humminbird Ice 551958
Nov 28, 2012Aqua-Vu Micro Plus with DVR4973
Nov 27, 2012Lindy Rattl'n Flyer Spoon18865
May 17, 2012Thill Splash Brite Bobber3238
May 16, 2012Onyx M-24 Auto/Manual Inflatable PFD5401
May 16, 2012Humminbird 360 Imaging3402
May 15, 2012Lindy River Rocker709
May 16, 2016St. Cloud to Host 2017 Governor's Opener3100
Apr 29, 2016Minnesota State Record Program8764
Jan 01, 2016MN Group Launched Gun Owner Advocacy Organization3603
Aug 02, 2015Mille Lacs Walleye Season Closing6758
Jul 21, 2015Mille Lacs Nearing Walleye Quota8011
Jun 25, 2015Micro PLUS Debuts at ICAST5960
Jan 12, 2015Winter Trout Fishing Ban Ends on 24 Lakes16938
Nov 01, 20143rd Annual Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo10723
Aug 11, 2014Aqua-Vu Publishes New Digital Guide21573
Jan 18, 2014NEW Aqua-Vu Pairs Performance with Value11791
Jan 09, 201444th Annual Minnesota Sportsmen's Show6096
Nov 19, 2013St. Paul Ice Fishing Show, Dec. 6-8, 20136813
Nov 10, 2013New Strikemaster 10-Inch Honda Lite10280
Oct 31, 2013Humminbird® Unveils Most Powerful Electronics Yet14620
Oct 14, 2013Larson Boat Group Names New President/CEO2693
Oct 10, 2013The Best Ice Shelters Just Got Better2683
Oct 08, 20132nd Annual Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo1240
Oct 08, 2013Lake State Fishing Partners with M-State Wadena2315
Jul 17, 2013Larson Enters Pontoon Market5066
Apr 16, 2013Lindy's Fish Ed. TV4748
Mar 26, 2013Humminbird® Wants To Pay For Your Gas & Bait1282
Mar 06, 2013Progressive Insurance Northwest Sportshow 1425
Jan 24, 2013Larson Launches New FX Series Website768
Jan 15, 2013Minnesota Anglers Expo1732
Dec 27, 20122013 Minnesota Sportsmen's Show2427
Dec 21, 2012LSF Winter GTG @ High Banks Resort2616
Dec 17, 2012Brian "Bro" Brosdahl Teams Up with Aqua-Vu1303
Nov 30, 2012Originator of the Underwater Camera Goes 'MICRO'5009
Nov 20, 2012St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show2842
Sep 25, 2012Lindy Pro Team Takes 2012 MTT Championship 1593
Aug 13, 2012Larson Adds 39 New Dealerships928
Aug 10, 20128th Annual LSF Fall Get Together1673
Aug 10, 2012Larson Boats Kicks Off 100-Year Celebration1107
Jul 20, 2012Three New Larson FX 2020 Fishing Boats3895
May 10, 2012Expect to Be Checked For AIS Says the MN DNR3233
Aug 10, 2011Otter Outdoors New Lineup for 2011-20124965
Aug 02, 2011Minnesota Duck Season Opens 1 Week Early1292
Jun 02, 2011Explore Minnesota Fishing Report 6/22426
May 19, 2011Explore Minnesota Fishing Report 5/191693
Feb 27, 2011Aqua-Vu Message & New House-Vu System1892
Dec 03, 2010Lindy Launches National Fishing Guide Audio Report Page1807
Nov 15, 2010Aqua-Vu Releases Product Line-up for 20101903
Nov 05, 2010Lindy Ice Fishing Tackle Giveaway2484
Oct 24, 2010StrikeMaster Augers “Handle” Like a Pro1707
Oct 20, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report2070
Sep 10, 2010New Ice Fishing Products from Humminbird2624
Aug 22, 2010MN Governor Race Debate at Game Fair2574
Aug 05, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1982
Aug 03, 2010New Lindy Spinners Turning Out Top Tournament Finishes1328
Jul 29, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1800
Jul 08, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1387
Jul 08, 2010Mille Lacs Walleye Slot Relaxed2277
Jul 01, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1113
Jun 16, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report5423
Jun 10, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1391
Jun 03, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1820
May 13, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1921
May 06, 2010Lindy Fishing Tackle Celebrates Minnesota Fishing Opener1076
May 05, 2010Lake State Fishing Announces Navionics Partnership1570
Apr 22, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1633
Apr 16, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1657
Mar 27, 2010Fishing Guide Rules Get Some Clarification2123
Mar 01, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1388
Feb 12, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1917
Feb 11, 2010Feds pass on surest solution to Asian carp advance1371
Feb 10, 2010Ted Takasaki Named To Fishing Hall of Fame624
Feb 08, 2010Ted Takasaki Named To Fishing Hall of Fame1048
Feb 05, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report963
Jan 29, 2010Leech Lake: Great fishing in 09’; new five-year plan underway1429
Jan 28, 2010Red Lake Walleye Fishery Rebounding1376
Jan 28, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1563
Jan 27, 2010Johnson Outdoors Files Suit in Federal Court Against Maker of Lowrance1486
Jan 26, 2010Ex-Reeds Employee Found Guilty3839
Jan 26, 2010Darter Earns $3,000 Bounty At Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza1639
Jan 26, 2010Patent Approved for Humminbird’s Innovative Side Imaging® Fishfinder Technology997
Jan 22, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report853
Jan 11, 2010Just in Time for Ice Fishing Season: New Lakemaid Beer, Winter Edition1467
Jan 08, 2010Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1187
Nov 25, 2009Test-Drive New Ice Lures At The 17th Annual St. Paul Ice Fishing Show1390
Nov 21, 2009Strikemaster Introduces Tony Roach Designed Tackle Bag1581
Oct 09, 2009“David” and Goliath1116
Oct 04, 2009Steil takes Walmart FLW Walleye Tour Championship1103
Oct 02, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1593

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