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Minnesota Fishing Reports

News by the same author Mike Potter

Sep 06, 2009Walleyes and Rocks by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson1161
Jul 30, 2009Three Seasons of Jig Fishing by Nic Norton1138
Jul 27, 2009Weed Muskies by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson1121
Jul 14, 2009Post-Game Analysis by Ted Takasaki & Scott Richardson872
May 27, 2009Walleyes and Weather by Ted Takasaki & Scott Richardson1474
May 22, 2009Color Up - Fishing the Spectrum by Nic Norton1212
May 01, 2009Panfish Tactics by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson1240
Mar 30, 2009Dream Boat or Nightmare? by Ted Takasaki & Scott Richardson1428
Jan 24, 2009Fishing on the Cheap by Ted Takasaki1042
Dec 15, 2008Spoonin’ Ice Walleyes by Ted Takasaki & Scott Richardson1659
Aug 15, 2008Night Shift Walleye by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson2379
Jun 08, 2008High Seas Walleyes by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson1520
May 10, 2008The Need for Speed by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson937
Jan 30, 2008Spring Walleye Secrets by Ted Takasaki & Scott Richardson3426
Dec 18, 2007Your Fish are the Same as Mine by Dave Genz1927
Nov 28, 2007Master the Genz Pounding Presentation by Dave Genz1354
Nov 19, 2007Old Technique Big Results by Brad Durick9271
Oct 27, 2007Ice Fishing Preparation by Ted Takasaki & Scott Richardson1845
Sep 18, 2007Fall Transition Walleye Secrets by Ted Takasaki & Scott Richardson1900
Aug 03, 2007Hang ‘Em High Smallmouth by Ron Anlauf1348
Jul 25, 2007Tow Your Boat Safely By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson1616
Jun 22, 2007Weed Walker by Ron Anlauf2015
Jun 08, 2007Bronzeback Bonanza by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson1578
Jun 04, 2007Patterns for Early Season Bass by Ron Anlauf1999
May 23, 2007Mining Monsters in Marginal Waters1596
May 23, 2007Skippin’ and Pitchin’ the Summer Away… by Travis Sorokie2232
May 06, 2007Curing the Itch by Jon Falch1268
May 06, 2007Do Spawning Fish Bite? by Adam Johnson1711
May 05, 2007Minn. troops hooking 'Saddam bass' in Iraq by Sam Cook1873
May 05, 2007Depression Era Slabs by Ron Anlauf1256
May 05, 2007Walleyes Under the Radar by Ron Anlauf1241
May 05, 2007Fishing is for the Young by Ted Takasaki with Scott Richardson1054
May 05, 2007Springtime Crappie Bonanza by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson1444
May 05, 2007Bernie Schultz’s Shallow Search Strategy1167
Jan 16, 2007Dress for Success by Brad Durick2106
Jan 11, 2007Plastics for Ice by Dave Genz3171
Jan 11, 2007Bug Bites and Big Bluegills by Ron Anlauf1608
Dec 15, 2006One Lure For All Species by Chris Wallace2426
Nov 28, 2006First Ice by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson2106
Nov 22, 2006Ice-up Diversity by Ron Anlauf1862
Nov 21, 2006Become a Traveling Ice Angler by Dave Genz1654
Nov 07, 2006Be ‘Fish Ready’ When You Hit The Ice by Dave Genz1667
Oct 19, 2006Catch More Fish at Early Ice by Dave Genz5309
Featured Products
Dec 03, 2014Refilling 1 lb. Propane Bottle Tanks38602
Sep 27, 2008Nomad Portable Power Washer6311
Sep 14, 2008StrikeMaster Glide-Lite Sled6743
Nov 01, 2012Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo - November 16th - 18th1673
May 15, 2012Larson Boats Unveils FX Series Fishing Boats6806
May 05, 2012AIS Decal Repealed and New Law Changes3967
Apr 05, 2012Mille Lacs Walleye Slot Changing3617
Jul 18, 2010Public input for Leech Lake management plan open until July 301032
Dec 31, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1537
Dec 24, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1208
Sep 18, 2009Chevy Salutes Our Soldiers884
Aug 28, 2009AIM Announces Rutting Ridge Outfitters as a Marketing Partner1085
Aug 23, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1156
Aug 19, 2009All New Lindy Shadling Crank Bait1691
Aug 14, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report981
Aug 11, 2009FLW Outdoors Sues BRP-Evinrude1044
Aug 07, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report862
Aug 04, 2009StrikeMaster Announces Solo Engine Partnership2872
Jul 23, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1411
Jul 20, 2009Thill Splash Brite Automatic Lighted Bobber3140
Jul 15, 2009Lakemaster Announces Humminbird Chip2126
Jul 09, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1326
Jun 10, 2009Back in the Big Leagues1386
Jun 05, 2009Minnesota Teen Challenge a Success1349
Jun 04, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report1488
Jun 01, 2009Minnesota Based Genmar Files Bankruptcy1536
May 28, 2009Explore Minnesota Fishing Report 5/28/091157
Apr 13, 2009Three in a row – Pruitt leaves on top939
Apr 06, 2009Bigger, Faster, Deeper – Lindy X-Change Jigs1159
Mar 20, 2009Lake State Fishing Lands Beckman805
Mar 16, 2009Lake State Fishing Announces Humminbird Partnership1315
Jan 23, 2009Scott Steil Joins Lake State Fishing1647
Jan 22, 2009Lindy, X-Change Jig Featured at Boat Show1136
Jan 14, 2009Reeds Offers Ice Fishing Rentals1360
Dec 01, 2008Big Economic Decision Coming Soon1289
Nov 17, 2008Otter Outdoors Joins Lake State Fishing1260
Nov 14, 2008Walmart FLW Walleye Tour schedule announced for 20091768
Oct 08, 20082008 Minnesota Deer Lottery Results1753
Sep 29, 2008Lake State Fishing Announces G3 Boats Partnership2378
Sep 27, 2008Skarlis Wins $150,000 at FLW Championship1976

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