End of Season by Haley Rustad

Date Nov 17, 2014 | Topic: Articles

Well I'm sad to say that I have come out of this deer hunting season empty handed and fairly disappointed but I enjoyed every moment including even freezing my butt off! I've been hunting now for 9 years and have helped filled our tags every year. What I miss most is that heart rushing thudding in my ears "holy crap" moment!

deer huntingThe sun starts to peak through the frosted branches as your eyes graze the same wood line over and over. The moments tick by as every pine needle seems to taunt you as it blows in the wind just right to draw your gaze. You finally start to relax and let your mind wander into the events of the past days when suddenly it's there standing right in front of you, as if by silent magic. You move your position from the keep warm cuddle to your I mean business stance. You draw up to find that beautiful brown through your foggy scope. This eye candy that you have waited numerous hours for is finally in your crosshairs. Taking that breath to steady your shaking arms, not from the cold do you shake but from utmost excitement that you feel pulsating through your entire being, you try to take control of your nerves . "Feel your heart beat" you tell yourself, squeezing your trigger finger slowly between the beats you choose your moment. The concussive sound breaks the silence that you've been sitting in for hours. The moment when all time stands still... The moment of truth, as you reload, as your brass hits the ground, so does your target.... Success

So, congrats to those who aren't mourning their failed season next year is a new start.

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