Hot Prices on Meat!!

Date May 05, 2016 | Topic: Articles

Here's something that can save you some bucks! Lake State Fishing forum member Reinhard has been updating a thread he created on the forums called "hot prices on meat". Simply put, Reinhard and other LSF member's have been sharing where meat prices are the best. Hopefully this will save you some money!
Statistics say that 30% of the average American grocery budget goes to meat. And we all know that meat adds up fast. Comparing prices on meat can be time consuming and cost prohibitive. Who really has the time to drive all over looking for the best deal? With the help of social media, you don't have to do the leg work!

Not only do members share Sunday circular deals for all the major stores, they also share non-advertised specials. Many times advertised and non-advertised sales are shared in advance of being printed in a circular. It's good to have an "in" with the butcher.

Below you will find the link to the discussion. Please feel free to share any meat deals you may find. The topics can be found in our "Cooking & Recipes" forum at the following link. Click Here - Hot Prices on Meat.

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