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submitted by LSF on Mon Jun 9 2014 at 04:31pm
Fish Ed. - Small Water Walleye Jigging

Views 2993
submitted by LSF on Fri May 23 2014 at 08:08pm
Fish Ed. - Red Lake Spring Walleyes

Views 2341
submitted by Mike on Fri May 2 2014 at 04:34pm
Fish Ed. - Pitching Jigs for Spring Walleyes

Views 3515
submitted by Mike on Thu May 30 2013 at 04:06pm
Fish Ed. - Mille Lacs Spring Walleye How-To

Views 4060
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 Featured Reports
red lakeRed Lake Report 1-3 to 1-5
The best baits were medium to large fatheads or 1 1/2"-2" golden shiners. Friday night I was the only one awake and caught 20 fish that night. I had to release more big then small...[read more]

rush lakeRush Lake Mixed Bag
Been hitting Rush quite a bit the past week. Been getting very consistant action fishing 28 feet of water. Lots of crappies and perch...[read more]

bemidjiEarly January Bemidji Report
Fishing on Bemidji was absolutely fantastic until the wind switched and we went into the deep freeze. One group of renters reported non-stop action, and we had a great night on the sled last week as well, putting hooks to limits and some 'pout [read more]

Springsteel Lake of the Woods
I brought the permanent house out to the south tip and setup in 24ft and had consistent activity from 730am till we left around 5pm even caught several fish from 2am-5 am. Anything gold seemed to be the ticket... [read more]
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Catch More Crowded Crappies by Daniel Quade Posted by LSF (Jan 04, 2014)
Visions of icing slab crappies seldom include crowds of anglers. More often, sweet dreams of icy nirvana center on remote backcountry waters or hidden gems that somehow fly under the masses' radar. However, while untapped fisheries can be dynamite, you can also enjoy banner catches on waters besieged by the bucket brigade.

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29 Inch Rainbow - N... (2014/6/24)
29 Inch Rainbow - N...
Casting for Bass (2014/6/7)
Casting for Bass
Tx Bass with 3x TTB... (2014/6/2)
Tx Bass with 3x TTB...
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